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   Thank you Business Traveller and the charity auction donors for the sponsorship of reading rooms. Time: 00:00:31
  香江情怀神州梦 抗击艾滋的公益斗士 Time: 00:38:09

香江情怀神州梦 抗击艾滋的公益斗士 hk

  中國愛滋病 - 傳愛 Time: 00:21:10

(Source:Television Broadcasts Limited(TVB))

  中國愛滋病 - 遺孤 Time: 00:22:56

(Source:Television Broadcasts Limited(TVB))
九十年代初,華中地區貧窮家庭賣血賺錢情況嚴重,「血槳經濟」帶來愛滋病火速漫延,在河南,九成 愛滋病感染者都因賣血感染病毒,一些村落,成年人口感染率達到四成至六成。

  Voice of Thanks Time: 00:03:08

(Source: Chi Heng Foundation)
Paintings from the bottom of the orphans' hearts…….


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