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Big Brother Big Sister Program

As we studied some of the thousands of memory books completed through our China Memory Book Project, we realized that to help bring the children out of their darkness, not only do we need to help them cope with their past, but also connect with their future.

In the memory books distributed to the children and parents, there was a section which invited children and parents to describe their hopes and thoughts on the future. Not surprisingly, many of the parents expressed that they hoped for an education and a bright future for their children while the children wrote their accounts mingled with uncertainty and worries.

The Big Brother Big Sister Program under the China Memory Book Network aims to inspire children to strive for the future and higher education. In the Big Sister Big Brother Program held in 2006, our volunteers, together with some university students from mainland China, joined a summer camp and interacted with several dozen children. Many children enjoyed pairing up with their university mentors and were inspired to continue their studies with determination.

The rationale behind the Big Brother Big Sister Program has been subsumed into the Summer Camp activities held under the Psycho-social Support Program.


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