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Summer 2004  
The China Memory Book Project was launched by college student Bella Liu while an intern at Chi Heng Foundation. The aim of the project is to help children orphaned and affected by AIDS in Central China make their own memory books.
The first 1,500 copies of memory books were distributed to orphanages and families in the operating areas of Chi Heng in Central China.
The goal was to distribute 2,000 more copies of memory books by the end of the year.

Thanks to the support and interest from donors, sponsors and student volunteers in China and the United States, the China Memory Book Project was expanded to the China Memory Book Network, which embodied the original China Memory Book Project and the new Big Brother Big Sister Program. The new activity, which was launched in Shanghai and Guangzhou, was a mentorship program for children sponsored by Chi Heng and university students from China. Click here for more details regarding the Big Brother Big Sister Program.

The Big Sister Big Brother Program was continued in Shanghai and Guangzhou, as well as launched in Beijing.

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