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Walk For Chalk – Wuhan 2015
Wuhan 2015
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Walk For Chalk – Wuhan 2015 > FAQ
Q: Why should I pick this event versus other fundraising campaigns?
A: Apart from raising money for a good cause, it is a great opportunity to spend a holiday with a small group of children supported by CHF and about 50 guests with diverse backgrounds, and enjoy well planned activities in a beautiful setting.

About Donation and Participation Fee:
Q: Is HK$43,000 donation mandatory? What is it for?
A: Our aim is to raise HK$3.60 million net in this event. Each participant is required to make a minimum donation of HK$43,000 to attend (an individual contribution, from a group of friends/supporters or through corporate donation/matching gift program). The funds will be used exclusively for education related activities for AIDS impacted orphans in China.

Q: Will my donations go directly to those in need?
A: Yes, CHF staff will ensure that money will be given directly to those in need. No agents or middlemen are involved.

Q: Will a report be submitted detailing how the donation is spent?
A: A separate account will be opened to handle funds raised through this event and will be independently accounted for.

Q: Will part of my donation be used to sponsor the trip expenses of CHF staff and volunteers?
A: No, all trip expenses of CHF staff and volunteers will be paid by themselves or by sponsors.

Q: Are my donations tax deductible?
A: The donations are tax deductible but the participation fee is not. Receipts will be issued by CHF.

Q: What expenses are covered by the participation fee?
A: Expenses covered include:
o Travel costs of children selected to join Walk For Chalk and their accompanying staff
o Transportation within Wuhan
o Activities in Wuhan
o All meals during the 4 day trip
o Admission charges to all places and activities in the itinerary
o Exceptions: individual pick-up and drop-off requirements in the trip

About the Trip
Q: Can I stay behind at the end of the tour?
A: Sure. We will help make the best arrangements for you. Please discuss your plan with us.

Q: Can I book air tickets with my own agent?
A: You can book air tickets with your own agent. Should you arrange through your own agent, do provide us with details of your arrival/departure date, time and flight numbers to allow us to arrange pick up and drop off in Wuhan.

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