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Arts For Chalk 2011 HK
2011 Fundraising Photography Camp in Hong Kong
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Campers on “Arts For Chalk 2010 HK”
Arts For Chalk 2011 HK > Campers on “Arts For Chalk 2010 HK”

“Now I can express myself through photography, thanks to the outstanding tutorial from the professionals.”

“In just a few days, I learned a lot about my fellow campers and a lot from them. I liked the drawing session which allowed me to tell my story through art. I will treasure the memory of this summer camp.”

“The visit to “Dialogue in the Dark” reinforced to me the fear brought by a world of total darkness, even as I went through the journey with my fellow campers. I can better appreciate the challenges faced by the visually impaired, and found a renewed appreciation of my eyesight.”

“The 2010 camp in HK gave everyone an opportunity to see the past and the present of HK, and a deeper understanding of the city. Thank you Chi Heng for everything.”

“I learned a lot in my trip to HK, much thanks to the Chi Heng supporters. Our journey in life would have been different without your help, and because of your support, our misfortune has become a blessing in disguise. I want everyone in the world to be happy, and I want to be one helping others. Tomorrow is beautiful!”

“The care, support and generosity of the Chi Heng supporters is beyond my wildest imagination. The kindness of the people of HK is so evident.”

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