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Art Counseling 
Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic discipline that uses artistic expression, such as drawings, essays, or letters, as means of facilitating the expression of thoughts and feelings that an individual may be unable or unwilling to verbalize
Why we do it
To help children who have been through the traumatic experience of watching their loved ones die of AIDS, Chi Heng Foundation asks students to write essays and draw sketches about their hopes and aspirations. Our hope is to provide “Art Therapy” to these students by allowing them to express themselves through art and writing.

January 2011  


Title: We

"The words here form a beautiful picture. Chi Heng, Mr. To Chung, Henan…this is me, this is us!" - Authors (ZeWen/XiaoJun)

 Title: Green Angels


"Narcissus is a symbol of vitality. We should be like narcissus. We should act as green angels to protect our homes." -  Author (XiaoJing)
Past drawings  



Drawings by kids in summer camp 2009
Drawings by kids in summer camp 2007
Artworks by children

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