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Meet Our Kids > Voices from our Kids > Rui Hong (瑞紅)

Rui Hong (瑞紅)

Thirteen Years Old (十三 歲)
Primary School Grade Five (小學五年級)
Father Died from AIDS (父親因愛滋病死亡)
Mother Diagnosed with AIDS (母親有愛滋病)
One sister is in secondary school and one sister is in primary school

We all know what the word “hope” means. Different people may have different understandings of the term and may have different hopes for themselves. My hope is to become a doctor, to save the many people who are facing death.

Whenever I talk about my hope my eyes fill with tears. My father died of that incurable disease. Whenever I think of AIDS I hate it to death. I hate it because it has taken away the lives of my Dad and many other young people. AIDS is as cruel as a heartless person. It is a pity that current medical technology can’t save those who should be saved.

After my father passed away, our family was in very difficult position. I could not afford to go to school. Uncle To then helped me go back to school. I don’t have much to express my gratitude to him. I can only study hard and become a doctor and save people’s lives, so as not to let him down.

I know that once the hope is set, I should strive ahead, and consider it as my life-long mission.

I thank my sponsors for their care of me.

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